Hard Knocks: Lessons Learned from the Trenches of Zoom Mediation

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Hard Knocks is a television documentary about the tough lessons learned in NFL training camp. As Zoom mediations have become more prevalent, significant lessons have been learned which provide a winning game plan when using this technology.    Success on the football field requires coordination of offense, defense and special teams.  Similarly, a successful Zoom mediation requires coordination of counsel, the client and the mediator. Counsel must ensure that the client has the equipment and know-how to effectively participate. If the client attends from a separate location, a computer with an Ethernet, hardwire connection provides a better viewing experience, and a...

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Top Ten Zoom Mediation Traps And How to Avoid Them

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Zoom mediations have exploded in popularity due to social distancing and delayed trial dockets. Not only is Zoom easy to use, it is also a very convenient and inexpensive way to mediate with parties from remote locations. While the vast majority of Zoom mediations go off without a hitch, our early experiences have taught us many lessons about what not to do during a Zoom mediation.  Here are the 10 most significant Zoom mediation traps and how to avoid them.    1. Inadvertent Disclosures You and your client log into a mediation from different locations.  The mediator has not yet joined. ...

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